Birth Doula

Birth Services include:

~ Maternal-Fetal Positioning (AKA Optimal Fetal Positioning), as it can assist with discomfort and help avoid unnecessary cesarean sections.

~ Many forms of natural, effective pain management, induction and focus techniques such as pressure points, essential oils and alternative therapies that can be helpful during labor.

~ Translating medical language related to birth can be a lot to take in all at once, so we can put them into more relatable terms.

~ Help to set up a birth plan, and assist in making realistic goals to prepare the mind and body to attain the most beautiful birth possible.

~ Emotional, physical and logistical help for mom, whether she is being induced, having to work through previous trauma, dealing with an induced or difficult labor, and prepare her for birth.

Epi-Doula Services include:


Postpartum Doula

After the birth of your beautiful baby, mom experiences an influx of hormones, weeks of healing, and the exhaustion and gravity of taking care of him/her on little sleep. Your doula can provide the following:

  • ~ Breastfeeding support
  • ~ Light housework
  • ~ Trips to the store
  • ~ Nutritious meals
  • ~ Time alone with your partner
  • ~ Emotional support
  • ~ Newborn care
  • ~ Time to reconnect with your other children