Meet the Doula

Janelle Marks

I became interested in being a doula after the birth of my firstborn son. After 24 hours of unmedicated labor I had an OB that said I “had to” do an emergency c-section. That experience left me feeling defeated, depressed, and like I was bullied out of the birth I had fought so hard for. I heard “once a c-section, always a c-section” so many times I could vomit. So I proceeded to do as much research as I could get my hands on with the help of my incredibly supportive husband, I proceeded to have 6 consecutive VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarian). All were drastically different and we had to fight for every single one, but I’m so glad we did! Now, as a doula (in training) through Maternity Wise International, I get to use my experience to arm moms with knowledge and confidence, so that as a team, we can empower mom to experience just how beautiful pregnancy and birth can truly be.